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How to get a job in Dubai and the UAE

How to get a job in Dubai and the UAE

About the UAE

Known for its strategic location within the MENA region, its multi-cultural community, and attractions, the UAE is attracting people from all around the globe. Its two major cities, Abu Dhabi and Dubai both offer the highest quality of living in the Middle East and North Africa region and both rank within the top 100 cities worldwide.

Also from an economic perspective, the UAE is ranking first regionally and 17th globally, according to the recent version of the Global Competitiveness Report 2017-2018 (PDF) issued by the World Economic Forum (Davos) in Switzerland. It is maintaining its lead among the top 20 most competitive economies in the world.

There are many perks about the UAE that drives people to come and settle in it.

First of all, the UAE is a country with expats from over 180 different nationalities, making it a great place to learn about different cultures and meet people from many different backgrounds, where just like you, they are coming here to follow their dreams and build their futures.

One of the most major advantages of living in the UAE is having a sense of security. The UAE is known to be one of the safest countries in the world. A place where no matter how late it is, you can feel safe to just step outside and go for a walk, or where you can walk away from your valuable belonging knowing for sure nobody would touch them.

Another attractive thing about the UAE is the infinite amount of activities and entertainment. There is something fun for everyone! Whether it’s the huge malls, the Guinness world winning theme parks or even the beautiful parks and beaches across the country. You are guaranteed to find something to do all year round.

Sometimes when moving to a new country, one of the issues people have to deal with is communication. However, having a language barrier or trouble communicating is hardly ever an issue in the UAE. This is because English is widely spoken amongst most people who work and live here, making it easy to adapt and know your way around.

Another major benefit that comes with working in the UAE is the tax-free income. I mean, who wouldn’t want to receive a full paycheck with no deductions what-so-ever.

In the past couple of years the UAE has made it extremely easy and feasible for business men and entrepreneurs to come and open businesses here as well.

Make sure you are eligible to work in the UAE

Make sure you are eligible to work in the UAEAccording to the government website www.government.ae, there are a few rules an expat needs to be aware of before coming to the UAE. First of all, the only restricted profession in the UAE is “that of a lawyer licensed to appear before the judge and carry out the defense” which can only be practiced by UAE nationals. Also, medical professions are required to take an exam from the Ministry of Health and Prevention in order to practice in the UAE. Having said that, if you are a foreigner planning to come to the UAE you need to make sure your passport is valid for at least six months, and if you plan to work in the UAE, you are not allowed to do so on visit or tourist visas. A residency visa or work permit is necessary to be able to work legally. It is also required that you present a Certificate of Good Conduct from your home country or the country of your residence for the past five years to prove a clear criminal record. For those holding degrees from outside the UAE, you must have your certificate accredited by the UAE embassy or consulate and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country where you obtained your degree. Once processing of Residency Visa begins, a health screening for communicable diseases such as those related to HIV or TB is required. This can be done at government approved centers around the UAE.

Consider the type of available jobs

It is safe to say that almost any job in the UAE is in demand. Expats can come here for jobs as Engineers, Doctors, Teachers, Drivers etc.

The list is endless, and so are the job opportunities in the UAE.

Look online

Look onlineLooking in the right places will help make your UAE job search easier. There are a few job sites where you will be able to find a vast amount of job posts and vacancies. For instance, some of the UAE top job sites are Hubb Jobs, Monstergulf.com, and Gulftalent.com amongst many more, like LinkedIn.com and Bayt.com. All you have to do is make an account and enter your education history and working experience, specify what the nature of the job you are looking for is, and begin your search.

Find a recruiter

Find a recruiter in DubaiToo busy to do your own job hunting? Not a problem. The UAE has a large number of recruiting agencies who will set you up with plenty of interviews and opportunities. You can connect with a recruiter either online, or by calling an agency asking for their service. Once you have begun working with one just share the industry and job role you are looking for, you can guarantee they will match you with your next employer.

Make sure your CV is up to date

Make sure your CV is up to dateMost job sites or recruiting agencies will ask for a copy of your latest CV, and it is a fact that a well presented CV can increase your chances of getting a call-back.  So be sure to spice up and update your CV. You could get the call any minute.

Here are a best practices to use while writing your CV.

  • Keep it short! No need for too much detail.
  • Use a professional font. Leave Comic Sans for elementary school.
  • Organize the information is a logical manner. Bullet points are your best friend.
  • Highlight your most recent achievements.
  • Make sure your contact details are all up-to-date.
  • Use a professional email address. None of that “sweet_angel@example.com” stuff.
  • Include a cover letter. It’s a chance to sell yourself.
  • Don’t add irrelevant information.
  • Double check, or have someone else check for spelling or grammar mistakes.

Make the move

Make the moveSo you got yourself a job offer that checks all your boxes! Now it’s time to make the move. Here are a few tips, that will ease out your transition and save you some money, you should keep in mind when moving to the UAE.

Obviously the first thing you have to do when you get here is to find a place to live. You can do so by looking on something real estate websites like, Hubb Property, or even hook yourself up with an agent who can do the research for you.

The house you are looking for should be conveniently located, with the services you need nearby, for example (schools, supermarket, and even preferably your work place). You want to find something that suits the quality of life you plan on living and also saves you a few dirhams every year. Another factor you should have in mind before deciding where you want to live is how you plan on moving around. If for example you plan on using public transport, then you should look for a place that has a metro or bus station close by. Using public transportation could be a way to save some money. To help you get around download the RTA Wojhati app to find all the different routes around the city. If, however, you plan on getting a car, then this could help in saving on rent, by living a little further out, for lower rates. As for buying a car, most people find bargains on used cars through websites like Hubb Motors.


So, job “check”, house “check”, commute “check”. Now it’s time to pack your bags and move to one of the most extravagant and exciting countries in the world. While your here remember to respect and enjoy the UAE culture and heritage. Try some local food and take road trips around the country to see some of its beautiful deserts and breathtaking mountains chain. So even if you find yourself busy from day to day, remember to take some time off and be a tourist in the place you now call home.