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Export And Import Of Cars In UAE

Export And Import Of Cars In UAE

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U.A.E. (United Arab Emirates) is the 2nd largest automotive market (which includes cars, parts and accessories, tractors, trucks, public transport, trailers and semi-trailers). The automobile market in UAE has a lot of potential and has shown tremendous growth. Without complete documentation you cannot start any business including automotive at all.


Currently United Arab Emirates is at the number six position when it comes to U.S. exports of new cars (worth $1.4 billion). In addition to this, it comes on number two position when it comes to exports of used cars ($426 million). Passenger cars make up approximately eighty percent of the United Arab Emirate market. Apart from these vehicles, remaining twenty percent comprises of commercial vehicles like buses, vans and trucks. U.A.E automotive market heavily relies on imports, with almost the entire supply of light vehicles and cars being imported.

Imports of the car:

Imports of the car in UAE
First of all, you must know that in U.A.E steering wheel of the car must be located on the left side; people in U.A.E drive from the left hand side. So, all the other cars coming from different countries which have the steering wheel on the right hand side will not be granted registration in U.A.E.

However, only legal residents of UAE can make imports. So, For all the individuals who want to import a car, the car must be less than ten years old. However, for all those cars which are more than ten years old individuals must contact RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) before shipping. They will facilitate your process.

Steps for importing the car:


  • Collecting your vehicle
  • Testing your vehicle
  • Registering and insuring your vehicle


Import duties:

There are different types of custom and fee are involve when importing cars from other countries. However, the taxes and custom are depend on the type vehicle and the importing country. Additional documents required for determining the cost primarily include certificate of origin, delivery order and commercial invoice, among other documentation.

Export of the car:

Export of the car in UAE

Export of the car out of U.A.E is considered easy as compared to import of the car. However, there is a proper procedure for this as well, but still the steps are easier. There are some fees for exports; rest shipping authorities will take care of your car.

Steps for exporting the car:

  • Approach authorities to change status of your car as “export”. And they will issue new export number plate.
  • Arrange two power-of-attorneys to help this transport process.

Procedure for import and export of cars is very easy in UAE. All of the documentation process is digital and online.


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