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Analysis of Real Estate Segment of Dubai

Analysis of Real Estate Segment of Dubai

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Whenever we talk about the real estate segment of Dubai, a concept of high lifestyle comes in our minds. Dubai is home to over two hundred nationalities, so it won’t be wrong to say that it is one of the most diverse places to work and live. Due to this, it is also one of the most appealing destinations for investment. However, direct involvement in Dubai’s active and large commercial real estate segment has long been no less than a challenge for all international investors. Alone real estate segment of Dubai contributes in twenty two percent of its GDP.

Scope of real estate business in Dubai:

Scope of real estate business in Dubai
If the market is growing, your business surely has a higher chance of success and profit margins. There are a number of opportunities with a wide number of location choices, so it is easy to register your company in Dubai. So it is a general recommendation for investors of South Asia to go through different options and their details before finalizing the decision regarding investment. This will reduce every sort of confusion.

Construction projects in Dubai are undertaken by both foreign and local companies. Reputed architects from all over the world design and develop all of these projects. The projects are built using a modern technology so they meet all of the requirements of tourists and international investors alike. It is indeed a very lucrative market for South Asian investors.

Situation and Market trends:

Situation and market trends of real estate business in DubaiPeople of India and Pakistan, who want to invest a good amount in real estate sector, most of the time consider Dubai. With modern and state of the art city structure, world class facilities, high level of technology Dubai has become an international commercial and residential hub; there are head offices of almost all top and renowned corporations from all over the world.

It would be worth noting that “Dubai overtook London as the most preferred property investment location for 2017.” Source Khaleej Times

It is an attractive place from not only commercial perspective but also a tourist attraction; this place holds a great amount of revenue for all the investors. The predictions are that if Dubai will continue to thrive at this same pace, it will leave behind other competitive places. Dubai Expo 2020 is another growth driving factor of real estate of Dubai at the moment.

Points to remember

For investors of who want to invest there, should:

  • First check the reputation of the developer.
  • While negotiating price, you should take completion date and location of the project into consideration.
  • If you want to sell anything in the real estate market of Dubai, then be patient and wait for better returns; because prices are predicted to rise in future. You can rent out your property for the time being.

Dubai real estate market seems to be maturing after the huge boom. Due to this, the expectations of buyers have much more increased. This has caused everyone to be more and more selective. Opportunities are springing up every year so it is the best time to invest.

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