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Business Opportunities for Pakistanis in UAE

Business Opportunities for Pakistanis in UAE

UAE for business:

If you want to utilize your entrepreneurial capabilities to the maximum level and reward yourself with the best, then UAE is the best place for it. Dubai is known as business hub and has established itself as world-class tourist destination. Sharjah also has a lot of business opportunities. No matter you are an expat or UAE national, business opportunities are equally rich. However, there are some favors granted especially to the nationals, but it doesn’t matter if your business idea is attractive for the market of UAE.

Future of business between Pakistan and UAE:
Future of business between Pakistan and UAE

Ambassador of UAE has discussed different scenarios to find out means for improving bilateral trade between Pakistan and his country in a recent meeting. He assured to extend full collaboration for arranging trade exhibitions between both countries, and assured to assist the businessmen of Pakistan in gaining long term business visas. Expo 2020 in Dubai would be a golden opportunity for the Pakistani businessmen for creating B2B contacts with other businessmen participating from 180 different countries.

Top three business opportunities:
  1. Café or Restaurant:

Open Café or Restaurant in UAE
High income and good buying power makes it easier for people in the United Arab Emirates to frequently dine out. A small scale café or restaurant targeted to some specific or a variety of cuisines can be a good return on investment. Mobile food trucks are becoming popular in UAE, it doesn’t require much investment. Cuisines from a specific culture (like Pakistani food) are bound to attract a lot of customers.

  1. Bakery and Snacks Shop:

Open bakery and snacks shop in UAE
People in UAE celebrate a lot; they are fond of earning a lot and spending a lot. No matter it is a religious occasion or a birthday party or something else, they are looking for excuses to celebrate whole heartedly. Gourmet and bakery will be a lucrative business opportunity for startup on small scale. You can also help your wife to run such a business. Pakistani women are very eager to help their husbands in earning, so this platform is a great opportunity.

  1. Property Management:

Start property management business in UAE
Abu Dhabi is known as one of the world’s richest cities; so, you can imagine the purchasing power of people over there. They buy a lot of properties, but they don’t have time to look after their property due to their hectic routines. Pakistanis can open up property management firm in Abu Dhabi or any other emirate. You can provide expats and locals services for care of their property. This is indeed a smart idea; all you need is a smart mind to start it.

  1. Hair Salon

Open hair salon in UAE
Hair Salon is an amazing idea to start Business in UAE for Pakistanis. A beauty parlor or a spa require a great investment. However, opening a hair salon do not need a lot of investment. Moreover, it is a need of everyone that won’t be stopped ever. So there is no chance for the failure of Hair Salon business in UAE.

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