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Upcoming Mega Events in UAE

Upcoming Mega Events in UAE

UAE as a Popular Host of Events and Festivals

Dubai is one of the top tourist destinations in the world that got best malls, best amenities, best hotels, and best places to spend best time of your life. Dubai city is not only famous for having so many amenities and beauties but Dubai festival that held each year are also the reason behind making this place top one attraction for foreigners. Destination wedding is amongst the most popular Dubai event. I have been to one best Dubai event shopping. This event happens every year in Dubai city. Let’s read a little it:


DUBAI SHOPPING FESTIVALDubai Shopping Festival is an event for shopaholics that are always in search of discounts and deals to buy everything from everywhere. In this event, all brands and companies offer discounted deals on their entire range. The destination where this event is held is each and every shopping mall in Dubai. Yes, you heard right, you will go any mall or shopping plaza and get a chance to shop at discount. However, the main affair is aired in shopping center.

Dubai Shopping Festival is without best time to go to Dubai for shopping. This even held every year and Dubai Shopping Festival 2019 is occurring right after Christmas and will last till February 2nd. People from all over the world visit Dubai for shopping every year during Dubai Shopping Festival because here everything is available on discounts. You must never miss a chance to do some economical shopping and being part of Dubai Shopping Festival.


DUBAI FOOD FESTIVALFood festival in Dubai is where food is celebrated at the biggest levels and it is one of the biggest food festivals in the world. Food festival in Dubai is a yearly event where chefs and foodies from all over the world participate. In this festival, diverse natured foods can be tasted as chefs from the far-off areas come to Dubai and showcase their ethnic and cultural tastes.

For food lovers who want to taste the dishes and palates of entire world, can visit Dubai during March and have the best gastronomy experience of their life. The festival lasts for several days so that people visiting the city for food can taste everything. Dubai Food Festival 2019 is happening between days of Feb and March in all hotels and restaurant. However, the dates for Dubai Food Festival 2020 are yet to be announced and they will be at least 3 months before the main event.


DUBAI FITNESS CHALLENGETo encourage a fit lifestyle, Dubai city always holds the Dubai Fitness championship festival every year. Dubai Fitness Challenge is a try to turn Dubai into the most active city in the world. If we talk about the facts of fitness challenge like what it is all about and its theme, we find that it is a challenge given to all people even the households to carry a thirty days fitness routine in which they work out, exercise, or do various physical activities and celebrate Dubai Fitness Challenge. The fitness challenge locations vary every year as in 2018, it was held in five different villages.

The fitness challenge dates are based on one or one and a half month that often seized during months of November and Octobers. So, for fitness challenge schedule you have to keep your time free during these months. During Dubai fitness championship, make sure to use hashtag for fitness challenge to make your post reach out to maximum people. By doing so, you can be viral because Dubai Fitness Challenge hashtag is the most trending hashtag at twitter and Instagram.


NATIONAL DAY CELEBRATIONSNational day of the UAE is celebrated with zeal, love, and proud every year during the month of December at the date of 2. National day UAE is celebrated in the remembrance of joining of the seven emirates, happened in 1972. During National day UAE celebrations, firework is displayed across the nation along with many cool and hot activities that takes place in all over Dubai.

Throughout the day of National day of Dubai, people remain active and keep showing their love of the country. The celebration of National day of the UAE is remains going from 8 in the morning till late night. Moreover, it is held in all the states of United Arab Emirates like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah. People from all over the world come here and become part of the celebrations. You get to see many cultural and ethnic colors of the Emiratis during celebration. Emiratis love their country and National day UAE celebrations are the best time to see their love for their country.


DUBAI JAZZ FESTIVALFor all music lovers, specifically the jazz lovers, Dubai jazz festival is embraced every year. It is also called the Dubai international jazz festival because artists who can play jazz are invited to Dubai to showcase their talent. Not only artists but listeners and audience from all over the world visit Dubai during Dubai international jazz festival celebrations.

The main theme of the Dubai jazz festival is to pay tribute to all those artists who were pro in playing jazz music. You will get to see many international and national celebrities during celebration of the event. Dubai jazz festival schedule varies every year, but it is at least a 10 days event of celebration during which concerts are organized in throughout Dubai. Dubai jazz festival timings also vary date wise and these are announced one or two months before the main event. Last year, Dubai jazz festival was created between February and March. For the dates of holding the event next year and the present one, you need to wait for the announcements.


ART DUBAIArt Dubai is an annual celebration of creativity and aesthetics, created officially by Dubai government. This festival is more like art exhibitions in Dubai in which paintings and aesthetical pieces of art are exhibited for everyone. People can buy paintings and pictures of famous painters from the Art Dubai exhibition on discounted rates. Well main theme behind celebrating the fair is to promote art and make more people to understand this forte of creativity. The program is held in biggest galleries and these are divided into four parts with titled as Art Dubai modern, Art Dubai contemporary, Art Dubai Bawwaba, and, Art Dubai residents. As the name denotes, in Art Dubai contemporary, modern art from entire Middle East is showcase.

The process to take part in the Art Dubai festival is to fill up the form and submit to authorities. Once, you are approved, you are free to showcase your art. Furthermore, location of Art Dubai events changes every year but whatever location is selected, is always interactive and modern with so many amenities and food options etc. Every year, as the dates vary, so Art Dubai 2020 will be held between 25 to 28 March. Tickets for Art Dubai can also be bought online.


DUBAI DUTY FREE TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIPSDubai tennis championship, also known as Dubai open is an event in which professional tournaments are organized and international and national men and women takes part in this event. Moreover, audience from all over the world also comes at Dubai tennis championship. I have seen on the internet that many people are searching for the reason of calling this championship Dubai duty free tennis championships even when here is nothing literally free as you have to buy Dubai duty free championships tickets against huge sum. Well, answer is simple it is called as Dubai duty free tennis championships because of marketing purposes from the sponsors. Formerly, it is called as the Barclays Dubai Tennis Championships.

An interesting fact about this championship is Dubai duty free tennis championships prize money. It is the only event in which men and women are given equal prize money for winning the tournament. It was first time conducted in 1993 and from then till now it is held every year. In 2019, it is held from February 25 to March 2nd. The date for 2020 will be announced three months before the main event so that participants can register themselves in the event.


DUBAI RUGBY 7SDue to being held at the Seven Stadium in Dubai, the biggest rugby event of UAE is known as Dubai Rugby 7S. It is an annual event of rugby and every year numerous players and spectators from all over the world, come to be a part of the event from all over the world. Ruby is a type of match in which two teams take part and try to snatch the from opponent team and throw it towards their net to make a goal. This game is so popular amongst the Middle Eastern people specially the Emiratis and that’s the reason behind the popularity of Dubai Rugby 7S.

As stated, it is an annual event hence every year you can find the dates in advance for the Emirates Dubai Rugby Sevens to be held. An interesting fact regarding this event is Dubai rugby sevens dress code that’s unique and specially designed every year for the teams. This is a paid event hence you have to buy Dubai Rugby 7S tickets in order to join the event. Dubai rugby sevens location as said earlier, it is always organized at the Seven Stadium in Dubai.


DUBAI DESIGN WEEKAnother event, internationally organized, and dedicated to the fashion industry of the world is Dubai Design Week. The best thing about this event is that all novice and experienced designers can take part in this event and showcase their stuff and creativity to the audience that have gathered there from the entire world. However, you have to apply for the Dubai Design Week registration in order to be a part of the show. Dubai Design Week registration forms can be attained form the official websites of the Dubai Design Week website. Besides this, audience also needs to buy Dubai design week tickets in order to get a seat and see best designer collections being displayed.

If we look at the history of this event, in 2015, it held for the very first time and after that it is being organized every year consecutively. The location of Dubai Design Week is mainly the Dubai Design District and besides this it is held in various locations and venues across the city. Buy tickets to be part of this event and if you want to take part as a designer, register yourself in time.


FORMULA 1Formula 1 is a yearly racing event that’s held every year in Abu Dhabi and car racers and owners take part in the event overwhelmingly. Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi is most popular event amongst all because Sheikhs there are most interested in showing off their power of speed. Moreover, at formula one race people get a chance to see some of the best and latest models of vehicles that are showcased sometimes at the event for the first time. This racing event is interesting and winners win a huge sum of money.

Every year, the formula 1 in Abu Dhabi dates and locations are changed and authorities inform the people regarding event date and location. Moreover, formula one Abu Dhabi tickets can be accessed from the official website. You can access different packages according to your pocket size.

So, this is all about events that held in entire UAE. Although, you find some greatest events in all the states of United Arab Emirates, but Dubai has won the deal because of being the host of most of the vents. From fashion weeks to celebrating aesthetics and from playing games to doing shopping, Dubai holds all types of events for everyone. Being part of these events can give you some of the best memories to write down in your autobiography.