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How to apply for Emirates ID

How to apply for emirates id

The Emirates ID is the primary evidence of a person residing in the United Arab Emirates. It is vital to have with every UAE citizen at all times. It can be checked anytime by the government authorities. These ID cards have electronic chips, and these consist of biometric details, photographs, fingerprints, etc. in them.

For applying for Emirates ID, an individual is required to fill up a form that is accessible to him at any typing center or at an authorized online website. The website might be Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship, also known as FAIC in short. Then a message will be sent to the respected person that will contain other detailed information about the appliance of the form.

The further documentation that is needed while applying for the ID in Emirates includes all original certificates relating to him are family book, residential proof, driving license, the release of real estate, employment card, and many other authentic certificates like these. The ID card is used in the place of other cards like debit cards and driving license as well. It has been used instead of health insurance cards too.

The procedure for online applying for the application form involves these steps:

  1. Filling the form: The first step towards applying for the Emirates ID is to fill up an application form, either offline or online. There are some of these very trusted centers available on various online platforms that you can search for. These will assist you in getting proper detailed information regarding how to fill a form for Emirates ID. The form application fees will also be mentioned there as well.
  2. EIDS: It is an area, namely the Executive Information Display Area. After the submission of your online application form, your phone will receive a message of confirmation directly. The message will display the date and time on which you have to arrive at the EIDA. It also states that which branch of EIDA you must visit.
  3. Things to bring: The documents and certificates that you are suggested to take along with you while visiting the branch should be your family book, passport, and similar other essential certificates.
  4. Application fees: You are advised to take some money along with you, either hard cash or online cash. It requires approximately 100 AED for each form, depending upon the situation of the individual.
  5. Track: Afterward, the person is also able to track or scan the current position of the applied certificate of identification very conveniently. A number will be provided to you for tracking the status of your ID card.
  6. Collect: After everything above is done properly, it will be sent to your nearby post office, and you only have to collect the delivered ID card within a period of 90 days. You can also apply for the renewal process for the ID card as well.

What is Emirates ID?

The Emirates ID is an identification card that is extremely crucial to carry for every citizen residing in United Arab Emirates, and it is valid only in this respected country. An ID card will be available after the application in the Emirates ID centerand the person has to collect it from his nearby branch within 90 days after applying for it. He can easily check his Emirates ID application status through the official website of the same at any time through his phone with strong internet access. The personnel working in the Emirates ID office will verify the identity of the individual through his various certificates carried by him everywhere, such as passport, family book, etc. If you have an emergency in getting the ID card, then you are suggested to go to an agency for sooner delivery of the card, i.e., within 24 hours.

The Emirates ID application is an easy task to perform if done online, and you are not required to stand in long queues at the office and only have to go to the branch for the collection after it has been delivered. The Emirates ID check is done by the government authorities and officials of the country by focusing on the background activities of the person. There is an Emirates ID center Dubai where an individual is able to apply and get the applied ID card in minimum time.

To check the current status of his application form, he can go to the Emirates ID login page on the official website of the same. After the card is ready, it will be displayed on the Emirates ID online as well, along with the delivered to the nearby post office. You can find the Emirates ID contact number on its authorized website easily. The procedures in the Emirates ID center Abu Dhabi are somewhat similar to those in the center of Dubai.

A person becomes the citizen of UAE right after getting this ID, and he can also change his provided details easily at online platforms if he finds that something needs to be changed as early as possible. The ID card is vital to have for the children and newly born toddlers as well, along with the adults and senior citizens. If you want to modify any detail in the card, then you are recommended to visit your branch and take some certificates for a proof along with you.

Getting Emirates ID

Getting Emirates ID

After the application procedure is performed properly, the Emirates ID can be attained conveniently with the help of going to the nearby branch. If the person is anyhow not been able to collect it within the time of 90 days, then the Emirates ID fine will be applied to him. This step is the same in the Emirates ID Al Barsha as well.

The Emirates ID center 24 hours Dubai open, and it is certainly very easy to apply for the Emirates ID UAE as compared to other countriesThe Emirates ID in UAE gets proper validation and respect from every single authority in the country, either public or private sector.

The Emirates ID center Sonapur is a great option for Indians where they can apply for the Emirates ID Dubai in a shorter period. It is an easy way to opt for making your identification card for the United Arab Emirates, and it will be greater if you apply for it through online means.

Emirates ID within 24 hours

There are not a few were plenty of times when you may be in an emergency and may need an Emirates ID within 24 hours. There are no such conditions that you cannot get an ID in an urgent time, but there is a set of procedures that you need to follow in order to get an ID in an emergency. The service of getting the Emirates ID and urgent time is called as Fawri and is available at the regular fees that you have to pay in the renewal of an ID along with an urgent service fee.

The service of getting an urgent Emirates ID is available for all the age groups for the UAE national as well as GCC nationals. The only condition that you need to fulfill is that you should be residing in the UAE. You can obtain an urgent UAE Emirates ID within 24 hours if you have –

  1. First-time registration
  2. Renewal of expired cards
  3. Might have lost or damaged your ID card

If you are the one who is expatriates resident other than GCC national, you can only apply for an argent service of UAE Emirates ID in case of replacement of identity card. It is because three years of the identity card is attached to the proof of yours of residency in UAE.

Application for the UAE Emirates ID has 56 centers across the country, along with the 31 of them affiliated to it. You can apply for an Emirates ID renewal application within 24 hours in any of the centers and get it within the prescribed time.

Renewing Emirates ID

The renewal process of the Emirates ID is not a complicated as you think it is. There are a few simple steps that you need to follow in this process, and you can get your Emirates ID renewed in a very few periods of time. The only condition that you need to fulfill is the proper following of the procedure and steps. We are going to enlighten you about the steps involved in the process of renewal of Emirates ID in the forthcoming points.

  1. Registration-the very first app in the process of getting your Emirates ID renewed its registration. First of all, you need to get your documents prepared like the current Emirates ID card, original passport, visa page on your passport, and your credit cards.
  2. Submission of the application and being fees-the next app in the process of applying for renewal in your Emirates ID is the submission of the application. You have to get your Documents attached with the application form and submit it on the official website for renewal of Emirates ID. On the official website, along with the application, you will have to pay the renewal fees as well.
  3. Confirmation of biometrics – Step in this process confirmation of your biometrics. This step, the official ID application authority will call you for the step in the embassy. You will have to go along with your personal identity information and get your biometric is confirmed at the
  4. Complete the procedure – in this step, you will have to complete the other necessary for the renewal of your Emirates ID. This process is not mandatory for all of the residents, but it is applicable only to the ex-pat residents.
  5. Collection of your ID card-when the above given four steps are completely fulfilled in the right manner, you will duly get your Emirates ID from the post office in your area.

Replacing a lost, stolen or damaged Emirates ID card

Replacing a lost, stolen or damaged Emirates ID card

The residence of the UAE Emirates is compulsory to carry their Emirates Identity Card along with them all the time. It is, therefore, there are higher chances of getting the ID card being stolen, lost, or damaged. If anyone loses the nationality ID in the UAE Emirates, the very first thing that the need to do is to report to the nearest minute identity authority center immediately.

There are a few numbers of steps that need to be followed in order to get a new Emirates ID card in case you have lost the previous one. The steps are described as follows:

  1. First of all, you need to report to the nearest immediate identity Authority Centre that your ID card has been misplaced or lost.
  2. You must get a stamp certificate or ID number from the authority Centre
  3. Another step that you need to follow in filing an application at the authorized typing center so that you can get a new Emirates ID card.
  4. In the final step, we just have to pay the Dh300 fees for the replacement. You can pay the fees by any method you are familiar with, or you can pay by cash.

Cancelling Emirates ID

President of the UAE who are willing to cancel their residency visa for the purpose of leaving the country or due to some other reasons will have to hand over their present ID to the respective General directorate for residency and foreign affairs. Before you get your identity card cancelled, make sure that you follow the given steps

  1. Step one – you will have to get the confirmation from the company in which you are working and also in which you are going to work.
  2. Step two – you will have to visit the typing office, which is in abundance in the country. Carry the necessary documents along with you and complete the necessary online procedure.
  3. Step three – Once the application has been filed by both yourself and your sponsor, you have to visit the general direct rate of residence and foreign affairs and submit your present identity card. Also, get a stamped notice from the GDRFA so that you can get your ID card canceled officially.

In this post, we have given the Torah information From the application for UAE Emirates ID to its cancellation. We hope that this information will be very helpful in any kind of problem related to the UAE Emirates ID and its application.