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How to apply for health insurance in Dubai

How to apply for health insurance in Dubai

Applying for health insurance requires extensive and excessive knowledge about the various aspects of the policy. An individual should be aware of the several reimbursements provided by the insurance company, such as the validity period of the insurance, premium amount to be paid monthly, cashless benefits, tax benefits, and many other factors.

Pros of Applying for a Health Insurance

Thinking of getting health insurance in Dubai? It is known to be the country providing one of the best health insurance schemes all over the globe. The premium plans and discount offers are considered in mind while buying the health insurance policy anywhere. It is a dilemma for most of the people to select which policy and scheme to opt and which to ignore. Selecting a health insurance policy is the best choice of life anyone can make to make their savings safe and to maximize them.

Choosing health insurance in the UAE is quite a tricky task to do because there are numerous companies accessible in the market, and the person might become very ambiguous to select the best one for him among all of them. In health insurance, when a person is admitted to the hospital, he does not have the need to pay his bills. Instead, the insurance provider will be liable for this activity, and the hospital will contact the insurance company for the bills made.

Going for profitable yet cheap health insurance in Dubai becomes pretty convenient if the person has done proper research regarding the schemes, offers, and discounts, then he might be able to get excellent services offered by the insurance company. Before making the payment of the bills, the insurance company will thoroughly examine the expenses incurred on the disease of the policyholder.

The merits of having health insurance include the payments of the treatment of any disease prevailing in his body. An individual becomes a policyholder in order to avail certain benefits provided by the insurance company, and getting the best health insurance in Dubai includes the following merits that will be gained by the insured person:

  • Free checkups: On contingency on your insurance plan, the policyholder might get some complementary health checkups annually or monthly. Checkups like MRIs, CT-Scans, etc. are sometimes offered if this clause is present in the scheme chosen by the policyholder.
  • No-claim advantages: If you do not avail of any services for a whole year, then you can receive a bonus of twenty to thirty percent on principle amount.
  • Exposure of medical facilities: The policyholder does not require paying the amount of any medical amenities provided by any enrolled hospital. Expenses such as ambulance, domiciliary, and day-care are included in that.
  • Intense diseases: Some diseases such as bone marrow transplant, kidney failures, cancer of any type, etc. are diagnosed freely on the part of the insurance company.
  • Tax benefits: If you have any health insurance done under your name, then while filing for the income tax, the policy amount will be deducted from the amount of tax payable. This amount varies from country to country and age to age.
  • If provided by employer: Many Multi-national companies offer health insurance to their employees in case they get any kind of disease during the time when working in their companies, but they will not be able to gain the insurance benefits if they leave the job.
  • Cashless benefits: When any illness occurs, sometimes, the hospital or insurance company directly pays the bill, and the insured does not need to pay the whole amount. The amount can be paid partially or fully by the insured in these cases. The sum insured will increase as the increase in claim-free years.

Applying for a Private Health Insurance

Applying for a Private Health Insurance
To avail benefits from companies of private health insurance in Dubai, an individual is required to know some points before filling the application form. These things are:

  • AgeTo consider the age of the to-be-policyholder is the utmost criterion for applying for health insurance. Because the schemes vary according to age. Benefits are increased as age increases. Hence, it is suggested to keep in mind the age of the eldest family member when you are planning to go for a family floater.
  • Waiting time: If the policyholder is planning to take maternity leave, then it is advised to wait for at least three years before having a baby. And do not forget to cover the medical expenses to be incurred on the health insurance of the newly born baby.
  • Amount: The most crucial thing that a person needs to take care of before buying an insurance policy is the principle amount and premium of health insurance. The private health insurance Dubai cost is almost free of cost. Many Arab countries provide absolutely free health insurance facilities to their citizens as well as employers working in some of the registered companies.
  • Maternity benefits: When you are planning for a family or a baby, consider the healthcare and insurance of your to-be-husband and upcoming baby by filling their application form as well, before a minimum of three years.


To avail certain benefits of Dubai health insurance, an individual is required to fulfill some legal responsibilities, as there cannot be any facilities available for that person who is not able to provide essential documents. Health insurance is offered by many companies, private as well as public. It is supposed to be a better option when you choose to select going for future security assurance with the help of availing health insurance.

There is a list of many companies providing health insurance when you start looking for options in websites or search engines typing health insurance Dubai companies, and it will offer you names of several companies regarding the insurance of health in severe illnessesThere are many countries providing health insurance offering various health schemes like Dubai healthcare has the most admired policies all over the globe.

The requisites of insurance are advisable to be read thoroughly before finalizing the policy. Different health insurance companies provide different schemes concerning different benefits depending on the selection of policy by the customer or policyholder. These requisites include:

  1. Each scheme in the insurance policy should be asked and verified by the customer before becoming a policyholder. The person should be eligible for the payback offer offered by the insurance company. The patient had to qualify the terms and conditions, as mentioned in the respected scheme that he has selected. He is suggested to know the number of diseases and its treatment that he will get benefitted from.
  2. And also, he is strongly suggested to know what diseases will not be treated under a particular policy. It is the duty of the insurer as well, to explain the scheme to their customers in a proper and professional way. Ailments such as cancer and AIDS are not included in most of the insurance schemes. Hence, the policyholder should have knowledge regarding rules like these. And it is the responsibility of the insurance company to explain this thing to their new customers in detail.
  3. You may have so much money at this point in time, but getting prone to a new disease might get you burdened under extreme medical bills, and this might have a serious impact on your savings. Hence, it is suggested to always opt for an excellent scheme under a reputed health insurance company.

What you need?

To apply for the health insurance, a person needs to submit all his important identification documents, along with his previous qualifications mark sheets and domicile certificate. The insurance company will thoroughly investigate the provided documents, and it will assist the provider in future transactions. The insured or policyholder is also required to give his bank account details to the insurance provider as well.

Health insurance is almost free in Arab countries, but very few companies take amounts in the form of insurance fees and customer care servicesIt is the most considered point among any of the above-mentioned points. The policyholder should select the policy that will maximize his savings amount. The fees of availing the benefits by filling up the application form vary from company to company, and hence, every customer is recommended to ask the total health insurance fees from the insurance company before filling the application form.

He is also advised to ask the insurance premium UAE monthly cost and expenditure related to the insurance, such as renewal of the scheme, etc. the premium amount should be calculated by the policyholder before making the final deal. The percentage of variations in the premium amount should also be considered by the policyholder.


The procedure of getting health insurance
The procedure of getting health insurance includes so many important points, such as selecting the best insurance company, then the best scheme from the chosen insurance company, afterward, filling the application form, paying the principle amount, monthly premium payments, and many other steps to perform. Various companies of health insurance UAE have some special offers to avail in the form of discounts or bonuses.

  • After the treatment of the insured has been completed, he might not pay his bills, and the insurance company will send his agent after you call and inform them regarding your admission to a specific hospital. Now, either the insurance agent will verify the bill details and pay the sum directly to the hospital, or the insured can firstly pay the whole bill, and the insurance company will, later on, pay him that amount as per the instructions.
  • The insurance company and the agent will check the authenticity of the reports and the accuracy of the amounts mentioned in the bills. It includes the bills of domiciliary, medicine, etc. the amount is supposed to be paid by the insurer anyhow.
  • If the policyholder has got the illness within one month of applying for health insurance in the UAE then the insurer will be liable for the treatment without getting any monthly amount from the insured. It is known as the period of cooling-off. The company will firstly pay from its pockets and then the next months will go on smoothly. This is anyhow, can be considered some sort of loss for the insurance company.
  • Keeping an eye on the insurance market from time to time is also recommended because a policyholder should know about the premium rates of every company prevailing in the market. He should know when the premium rates of his concerned company became high, and he should start investing in some other insurance company. A policyholder can switch to any other company whenever he is not satisfied with the offers and schemes provided by his company.
  • When selecting an insurance company for health insurance in UAE for family, an individual is requested to select the company that provides maximum offers at a cheaper rate as compared to other companies on the list. A customer is also advised to read all the terms and conditions of the desirable company deeply before investing any considerable amount from his savings as the rates of every company vary from time to time. The sole offers also vary from the offers provided for the family. Therefore, it is beneficial to apply for the health insurance of the whole family.   
  • For the selection and profitable company, every individual who is a beginner in this field should seek assistance and guidance from his near and dear ones for availing the best health insurance UAE for a longer time period.
  • Both private and public sector is having insurance companies, but people are becoming more inclined towards the private insurance companies, due to the fact that it provides a really great amount of exemption in the tax payable amount at the end of the year. So, make sure that you are going for a satisfied and reputed health insurance provider that will able to offer the best insurance policy at nominal work.