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How To Survive In Dusty Weather Of UAE?

How To Survive In Dusty Weather Of UAE?

Weather of UAE:

Sandstorms are not new for the people living in United Arab Emirates; sand storms are a common occurrence mainly during autumn and summer. They can be very harmful for people as they can cause asthma and breathing problems. Moreover, they can cause serious damage to the environment as well. During extreme weather conditions and sandstorms, UAE is exceptionally dusty. In summers it is observably much dustier, but the climate is better in winter, and this weather attracts most of the tourists from worldwide. You may find weather of UAE unpredictable.

Tips to survive dusty weather conditions:

With the help of a veil, you can cover your mouth and nose to avoid dust particles. Sandstorms are caused when speedy wind drifts, and carries small sand particles and dirt into air. Following are some tips that must be followed when going out, especially during such weather conditions:

Don’t go outside unnecessarily:

Tips to survive dusty weather conditionsDuring sandstorms, try staying indoors as much as possible. Keep your doors and windows closed. Reduce your exposure to common allergens that may give rise to asthmatic attacks during sandstorms.

Keep an eye on weather and pollution forecasts:

Keep an eye on weather and pollution forecasts
Especially during such dusty conditions, it is recommended to regularly check air quality and daily weather reports. Getting news from your local weather station will help you in planning and managing your daily chores.

Washout air conditioner vents:

Washout air conditioner ventsYou will use air conditioners more often in UAE, due to its hot weather conditions. So, frequent use of air conditioners may cause accumulation of dust particles in air conditioning vents. If not checked and cleaned regularly (at least every six months), it may cause problems.

Make use of air-purifier:

Make use of air-purifierPeople who have asthma and allergy problems suffer from sandstorms the most. Use of air purifier will help you reducing indoor pollution and resultantly you will be breathing better. Though air purifiers are by no means a treatment for asthma patients, but they help in removal of the allergens which can activate symptoms.

Use face mask for outdoor:

Use face mask for outdoorMake use of a medical face mask; you may also use a wet towel while going outside during sandstorms. This will prevent you from inhaling the dust particles.  Similarly, change your face masks regularly.

Stay hydrated:

Stay hydratedLiquids, especially water, are very important during sandstorms. Keep yourself hydrated. Spray water on your face in case you feel dust particles on your face.

Stay safe and have a great time!