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Weekend ideas for the UAE

Weekend ideas for the UAE

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UAE Entertainment

The UAE is a mysterious, unusual and magical place. We will help you to find out how to wile away the time if you turn out to be in the heart of the desert. The choice of entertainments has limited only by your biases. There is no such a woman who able to stand Dubai shopping out with all its luxury brands. The new fashion trends and huge malls around. Both visitors and residents say that it is literally impossible to leave Dubai empty-handed. Even if your wardrobe full of designer suits and buying something new wasn’t a part of your plan.

Dubai Road

UAE Adventures

What about adventures? Car lovers will enjoy the giant auto museum in the desert. The size of some SUVs can hit impressionable people. Thrill-seekers will never miss a chance to take a breath taken rides on Safari. A fast trip in white jeeps among sand dunes is an unforgettable experience. If it’s not enough, you can explore a night crabs hunt or go to the national championship of… camel races.

Water Park Wonderland

For visitors with kids, the UAE is ready to offer the largest water park in the Middle East Dreamland or amusement park Wonderland. Even fishermen will be interested in changing the bait to full-fledged deep-sea fishing. Also, don’t forget to spend some time on the clean and comfortable beaches. The hotels provide tourists with air-conditioned buses, but the most impatient can easily get there by taxi.

Jebel Ali Beach

If you want to get an experience of flying, then come to the hotel “Jebel Ali Beach”. Here a seaplane takes off from the water, 9 people can simultaneously accommodate in it. You will become its passenger and take a fascinating half-hour flight over the city, during which you will enjoy the view of the port, the Dubai Marina district and the famous artificial island.

Dubai Marina

Tourism Destination

Now you have something to choose from. We won’t list all popular “tourism destination” such as the fountains, various museums and viewing platforms. Anyway, everybody who wants to spend a vacation in the UAE made a great choice, regardless of the preferences and inclinations. This incredible landscape of the world’s highest buildings, and the world’s best restaurants, all sorts of beaches, and a thoughtful entertainment industry will provide an impact on any tourist.