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Dubai Parking

In the country, parking is easy and usually involves less effort in finding a spot to park due to the fact that there are many parking spaces available at most locations within the country. Parking might not be necessary in the street because of the existence of car parks at most sights and city attractions. Also, in the street car parking is free but at major places, payments are made at the packing machine. You can equally pay with cash at the machine meant for such purposes, Nol Card, Mobile Phone through SMS and Prepaid Card that can be purchased at supermarkets and other locations. Fridays and special days like public holidays are among the days when residents enjoy free parking. The parking spaces are categorized into zones with each zone catering for a specific set of locality and the amount paid differs on the zones too. There are also fines attached if a driver goes against or defaults parking rules and regulation in the country.

About parking in Dubai

In the country, there are three categories of parking systems and they include the following:

  1. Commercial Areas: These include all parking lots, roadside park in commercial areas which is divided into Zone B and A respectively.
  2. Non-commercial Areas: these include all parking lots including roadside parking in non-commercial areas, which are categorized into Zone C and D respectively.
  3. Special Areas: this include areas specially dedicated to parking like the new market also known as the Waterfront Market, Tecom Areas as well as Paid Parking Areas in Downtown Dubai which are Zone E, F and G respectively.

Dubai parking fees

The amount charged for parking in the country depends on the areas which are divided into zones. These zones can either be commercial areas, non-commercial areas or special areas. Depending on the zones, parking fees are paid based on the criteria obtainable in such zone. Below are fees charged for parking in the different parking zones found in the country and they include:

Commercial Areas

  • Zone A: This involves Roadside Park usually in commercial areas. The amount paid for parking ranges from 4 AED to 16 AED depending on the time frame with 4 AED for 1 hour.
  • Zone B: Parking Lots mainly in commercial areas. The parking fee for the areas regarded as Zone 3 AED per hour while 20 AED is charged for 24 hours.

Non-Commercial Areas

  • Zone C: roadside parking mainly in non-commercial areas. Parking fees in these areas range from 2 AED to 11 AED depending on the time frame with half an hour going for 2 AED.
  • Zone D: all parking lots mainly in non-commercial areas. Parking fees in these areas range from 2 AED per hour to 10 AED for 24 hours.

Special Areas

  • Zone E: this covers the Waterfront Market. In this zone, Underground Parking is free while Public parking is payable.
  • Zone F: this covers all Tecom areas with parking codes. The parking fees range from Dh 2 per hour to Dh 11 for four hours.
  • Zone G: this area covers all paid areas for parking in downtown Dubai and the parking fee rates are dependent on the amount put forward in those areas.

How to pay parking in Dubai

How to pay parking in DubaiThere exist many parking lots and many parking spaces within the country. These parking facilities are available to anybody if and only if one can afford it. There exist different ways one can pay for parking in the country. These ways include the followings:

  • Paid Parking Machines: here, one can buy parking ticket on these paid parking machines using coins. For this to be possible, the coins must reach the required amount to enable the transaction to be complete.
  • Prepaid Cards: these cards can be seen in groceries stores and supermarkets and the denominations ranges from 30 AED to 100 AED. The cards are used instead of the coins and like the coins; it still serves the purpose of payment of parking fees.
  • Purchase of Seasonal Cards: these come in different values and expiry dates and in different categories also. Its validity ranges from 3 months, 6 months and even a year.
  • Through SMS: a text message to 7275 using the exact format gets you a parking space if the transaction is accepted.
  • Use of Nol Cards: the Nol card User makes payment using his/her card and the amount will be removed from the card balance after the transaction is approved.
  • RTA Dubai App
  • Bank Cards etc

Pay parking by SMS

In the country, you can pay your parking fees with an SMS sent from your mobile phone. Also known as mParking, this is the easiest way to pay for a parking space with a virtual permit sent through SMS after payment.


Using this method of payment for a parking space requires one to register on the parking service registration portal. Once the account is verified, he/she is free to add as many cars as possible to his account for which payments will be made through SMS sent from their mobile phones.


Only private cars registered in the country are free to make use of this service without going through any form of registration. After parking your car, send an SMS in a generally accepted format to 7275 which afterwards, a virtual permit containing your parking details is sent to you through SMS too.

Conditions for using the mParking Service:

  • The amount charged for each SMS sent is 30 fils
  • The virtual permit sent is only for the approved zones
  • All user using cars not registered in the country need to undergo registration to be eligible to use the service
  • All users must have a valid mobile number
  • All SMS must be in the exact format otherwise the transaction is rejected.

SMS Format:

  • Plate Number
  • Parking Zone Number
  • Time Duration

Example: D12345 123A 1

Pay Parking with Nol Card

This method is specifically available for Nol Card holders. They can pay parking fees in the machine provided for such purpose by inserting their card into the machine and post the ticket received on a marked place on the machine dashboard. The parking fee will be deducted by the machine from the card balance of the Nol card holder.

Pay Parking by Coins

This involves the payment of parking fees through the use of coins. Simply insert the right amount of coins into the machine around parking lots and post tickets on a marked place on the dashboard.

Pay parking with RTA Dubai app

The road transport authority of Dubai designed the RTA Dubai App mainly for smart phones uses. The App enables the users to access a number of services provided by the authority including payment of parking fees. This amount will be taken off the mobile balance of the user.

Buy seasonal parking card

The road transport authority in the country provides users with prepaid cards which they that are used to pay for parking fee in place of coins. It is simple, Insert the card into the machine, obtain the ticket and post it on the marked place on the dashboard. The payment machine will deduct the fees off the user’s balance for the number of time stayed.

Apple Pay or Samsung Pay

This is a payment platform that supports apple devices and Samsung devices. Through the use of this service, one can pay for parking space in a secure and safe manner. It is accepted in many areas than other methods because of its NFC support.

Bank cards with RFID or NFC on Smartphone

Through this method, parking fees payment is made with just a tap of the phone on a POS access Point. This ensures a secure, safe and easy transaction.

Dubai parking fines

Dubai parking finesIn the country, there is an exclusive parking system which attracts a debt being paid by drivers whenever it is disobeyed.  Below are some of the parking fines in the country:

  • Illegal Parking: this involves parking in prohibited areas. This involves areas mapped out by the government or its agencies as areas not meant for private parking or parking of any sort. The amount of fine paid for illegal parking is 500 AED.
  • Fire Hydrant places: parking in areas with high probability of fire outbreak is an offence and attracts a fine. These areas are considered harmful and when cars are parked can be seen to add or can aid in fire outbreaks. The amount of fine attached to this offence is 1000 AED.
  • Ambulance Parking Slot: parking in areas meant for ambulance is an offence and attracts a fine of 1000 AED.
  • Special needs Parking Slot: parking in areas meant for people with disabilities when one is not categorized as one is an offence and the amount of fine paid for this offence is 1000 AED.
  • Cars parked behind another car blocking its movement: when a car is parked in such a way that it blocks the movement of another car, the owner of the car has committed an offence and the amount of fine levied on such an offence is 500 AED.
  • Loading and Unloading Areas: parking in areas when goods undergo loading and unloading is an offence and attracts a fine. This is because, such a parking is harmful and can lead to lose of life. The amount of fine attached to this offence is 200 AED.
  • Cars parked on the left-hand side of the road in Prohibited areas: it is an offence to park cars on the left-hand side of the road in prohibited areas and this attracts a fine of 1000 AED.
  • Cars Parked without security: it is an offence to park a car without actually securing the car. The amount of fine to pay for such an offence is AED 500.

Free parking in Dubai

Free parking in DubaiGovernment can provide free parking benefits for people and it can come in these ways:

People with Special Needs: the government provide parking space for people with special needs at no charges.

Elderly Citizens: citizens of the country who are above the age of 60 years or are disabled are free to access parking facility in public places.

Other places where individuals can access free parking spaces are:

Shopping Mall: many malls in the country offer free parking to individuals but are available during a specific period of time.

Free Parking for Residents: residents in the country can have access to public parking places that are around 500-meter radius from the residence and as such, citizens who have public parks near their homes can make use of it without having to pay for it. For this to be enjoyed, certain procedures must be followed and a card obtained by the resident.

The time frame is from 1 pm to 4 pm and also from 9 pm to 8 am daily and on Fridays and public holidays.

On evenings

During the evening, parking timing depends on the zones i.e. the time frame for parking of vehicle will depend on the area the parking lots are located. For Zones A, B, C, D, E, G, the parking timing is from 10 pm to 8 am and 6 pm to 8 am for Zone F.

Fridays and public holidays

An individual can access free parking on special days like Fridays and public holidays because there are no parking charges on such days. The public holidays may include Ramadan, Eid al Adha, etc.

Dubai parking timings during Ramadan

For the Holy month of Ramadan, the country experience split paid parking hours with a different payment type across all parking zones. The time period is from 8 am to 6 pm and 8 pm to 12 midnight. This means that parking fees will be paid by any user who wants to park his/her car between the hours 8 am to 6 pm and 8 pm to 12 am. This new timing will only last for the duration of the Ramadan as regular timing kicks in once the Ramadan period is over.


Free parking: 6 pm to 8 pm

Paid parking: 8 am to 6 pm and from 8 pm to 12 am as well

Tecom: price is charged for parking from 8 am to 6 pm